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November 07, 2019 @ 6:00 PM

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Trowbridge Town Hall
Market Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8EQ
Price: £3

If you’re a poet or a lover of poetry and all things lyrical, this is for you.

Lyrical is a new form of literary salon, a place for writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction with visionary thinking and a lyric sensibility—meaning what is deep, in rhythm, intuitive and wise.

We blend guest poets and writers with conversation and also expand the slot to include talks and book launches.

Each evening will have a theme, announced beforehand, which poets are free to explore or ignore.

Poems can still be shared when there is a scheduled speaker/event, but please be aware that the time allotted may be shorter.

Please join us to read, listen and converse-


September: NO EVENT

3rd October—Lyrical host and author Diana Durham will speak about her newly published nonfiction book, ‘Coherent Self, Coherent World: a new synthesis of Myth, Metaphysics & Bohm’s Implicate Order’ from ‘O’ Books. Optional theme for poems: cohere.

7th November—Guest poet Dawn Gorman, host of Words & Ears in Bradford-on-Avon, will read from her new poetry collection ‘Instead, Let Us Say’ from Dempsey & Windle. Optional theme for poems: the landscape of time.

5th December—Accomplished conductor and soloist Graham Dalby, Music Director of Trowbridge Philharmonic Choir, Bradford-on-Avon Choral Society, and The Choir of the Western Wynde, will talk about conducting Haydn’s Mass in D Minor for the upcoming Christmas Concert on14th December, St James’ Church, Trowbridge by the Trowbridge Philharmonic Choir.  Optional theme for poems: unity.

January 2020—NO EVENT

6th February 2020—Kirsty Hartsiotis, Professional story teller and author of 'Wiltshire Folk Tales’, will speak about storytelling, and her process in writing up folk tales from Wiltshire and other areas. Optional theme for poems: legendary.

5th March— ‘Mindfulness’ a short documentary film on the work of Harvard Psychology Professor Ellen Langer, author of the bestselling book ‘Mindfulness’ introduced by director Jonathan Guilbert with writer Diana Durham. Optional theme for poems: being present.


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