Morgan and West: Parlour Tricks Review

on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in Events

Morgan and West: Parlour Tricks Review
‘Magicians, time-travellers and all round spiffing chaps’

Performed in Trowbridge Town Hall on the 10th November 2017, Parlour Tricks was a magic/comedy show starring the time travelling magicians Rhys Morgan and Robert West. The pair met when they studied together at Oxford in the late nineteenth century and discovered a shared love of deception. Since then, Morgan and West have grown increasingly popular and have appeared on the modern day television shows The Slammer, The Next Great Magician and Penn and Teller: Fool Us (they fooled them). When they teleported themselves (and their drawing room) from the past to perform their shenanigans before a Trowbridge audience, it was no surprise that the show was a sell-out.

The duo were suitably attired for men of their era – sporting elegant waistcoats and rather dashing facial hair. The show opened with the pair magically teleporting a bottle from one side of the stage to the other. In the hours that followed, the marvels performed by the duo included both classic tricks with new twists to the utterly bizarre. While everybody has seen the trick where a magician connects three solid metal rings, but how many times has the third ring is made of human flesh? And everyone’s seen a magician who claims to be able to read minds, but what about reading their stomachs? The show was interspersed with dazzling shows of psychic ability and an escape trick that would have made Houdini himself lower his glass of sherry to pay closer attention (then spit it out again, laughing).
    During the interval, audience members were asked to write down for random non-sequential numbers and place them into a jar. These 40 numbers were written on a blackboard by Mr Morgan while Mr West sat facing the audience, unable to see them. After having the numbers read out loud to him only once, West then proceeded to recite them from memory both forwards and backwards. Afterwards, two audience members were asked to multiply these numbers on their smartphones in any way they chose, at which point West declared the resulting numbers with astounding precision.
The banter between the magicians made the show as hilarious as it was utterly flabbergasting. What began as light-hearted ribbing progressed to outright competitiveness, and this comic aspect definitely worked to set the duo apart from traditional magical double acts. By the end of the evening, it was safe to say a rather jolly old time was had by all. On the way out I was sure to check for a blue police box or portal, but it was to no avail.
Morgan and West are no longer touring Parlour Tricks and are instead currently on tour with their new shows: Time Travelling Magicians and A Christmas Carol. If you would like the chance to see them or want the chance to see more of Morgan and West’s own brand of resplendent tomfoolery please visit them at
Review by Adele Matterface