Schools Exhibition - Bitham Brook

Age guide: All ages

March 01, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Trowbridge Town Hall
Market Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8EQ
Price: Free

Artwork from Bitham Brook Primary School in Westbury
Thursday 2 March – Tuesday 11 April 2017

The mixed year groups, from FS2 to Year 6, were each inspired by a variety of different themes, linked to a topic or other curriculum area or a ‘special theme’ day.  Pupils often explored an artist’s work, artistic technique or approach and developed these skills within their own work.

Two FS2 (Reception) Classes:
•    The children took inspiration by looking at ‘Autumn Trees’ to paint these, developing different brush strokes.
•    Children used string dipped in paint to create a symmetrical pattern.
•    A selection of paintings created in self discovery time!  
Three Mixed Year 1 and Year 2 Classes:
•    (Dinosaur topic) The children created tonal paintings of a sunset background, with ‘Dinosaur’ silhouettes.
•    (Pirate topic!) The children used a variety of techniques to create artwork based on their ‘Pirates’ theme – boats and characters!
•    The Big Draw theme day – inspired by ‘Food!’ Close observational drawing of fruits.
One Year 3 Class:
•    Maths and Artwork inspired by the artist Kandinsky!
One Year 3/Year 4 Class:
•    History topic – The Vikings – Mr and Mrs Viking self portraits!
•    History topic - World War II – Artwork inspired by propaganda posters and the work of Henry Moore – looking at ‘Light’ in Science.
•    Theme Day – The Big Draw - Pop Art Food!
One Year 4/Year 5 Class:  
•    The Big Draw theme day – inspired by ‘Food!’ Close observational drawing of fruits.
•    Theme Day – ‘British Values’ – ‘L’ for London.
•    Child inspired art!
One Year 5 Class:
•    Theme Day – ‘British Values’ – ‘K/L/U’ are for ...
•    Theme Day – ‘Inspirational Women’ - Polish Inspirational Woman.
•    Many techniques used to create a Viking Long-ship, having studied various famous seascape artists.
One Year 6 Class:
•    Artwork inspired by the children’s ‘dreams’!

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