Dialogue Exhibtion Anne Goldmith and Bill Goldsmith

on Friday, 11 November 2016. Posted in Events

Young Gallery Art Exhibition

Dialogue Exhibtion Anne Goldmith and Bill Goldsmith

Dialogue is a new exhibition opening at the Young Gallery in Salisbury on Saturday 12 November. It is an investigation into the conversation that exists between artists’ output when they work in close proximity.

This exhibition came about after the successful retrospective of Bill Goldsmith’s work by Trowbridge Arts at Trowbridge Town Hall earlier this year. Behind the Light showcased work from all periods of Bill’s artistic career, and led to Peter Riley, Curator at the Young Gallery, being keen to explore the artists’ work in relationship to each other.

Bill and Ann Goldsmith spent their lives working side-by-side, each independent in their interests and techniques, but also sharing a love of nature and wildlife, as well as being attracted to the underlying structure of things – both living and geological.

Ann first exhibited her work at the Young Gallery in 1979 in a solo show. For some considerable time ill-health frequently prevented Ann from working, but recently she has resumed her practice. Her paintings have much to do with the fragile nature of things, with elements of landscape, and with the urban dilemma. She will talk about their exhibition at 3pm on Saturday 12 November.

During his lifetime Bill was inspired by the Seventeenth-Century use of darkness illuminating light with its metaphysical associations.  At first glance his paintings appear sombre, but as their surface absorbs the light, colour glows from within.  Early works deal with landscape, geography and a sense of place, then since 1996 figuration has crept into Bill’s work. In his final collages Bill includes fragile fragments of the human head.

Bill and Ann Goldsmith both lived in Wiltshire and were inspired by the landscape of Salisbury plain.  Ann continues to live and work in Trowbridge.  This exhibition provides an opportunity to reflect on the differences and similarities between two artists who have lived and worked in close proximity to each other. It is a dialogue which has continued for almost fifty years.

Dialogue opens at 2pm on Saturday 12 November at the Young Gallery, Market Place, Salisbury, SP1 1BL and continues until the 3 December 2016.