Say It With A Poem at Trowbridge Town Hall

on Tuesday, 13 September 2016. Posted in Events

National Poetry Day

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day (Thursday, 6 October 2016) is ‘messages’. At Trowbridge Town Hall, poet Josephine Corcoran and a local professional artist will lead a two hour creative workshop which will encourage children to write and illustrate their own message poems which will go on public display at a special exhibition.

In the workshop children will be invited to think of a message they’d like to give to someone and say it with a poem.  They will be encouraged to think about:
•    All the different ways of sending messages, ie writing letters and postcards; sending snapchats, texts and tweets; phone messages; post-it notes stuck to fridges; messages in a bottle; coded messages; secret messages, etc.
•    Who or what will speak in the poem, ie themself; another person, perhaps someone imaginary;  a person from the past or the future; an object (maybe the Town Hall itself, or even Trowbridge); an animal, etc.
•    Stories of people and events at Trowbridge Town Hall; children will be given brief, tantalising insights into a few true incidents that might inspire a poem, ie romances that blossomed from dances which took place at the Town Hall, or stories of some of the people who were kept behind bars when the building was used as a court, for instance suffragettes.
•    Artwork on display at Trowbridge Town Hall; artwork from the Derwent Prize will be on exhibit during National Poetry Day and children will have the option of writing a message poem inspired by an artwork they like (or hate!).
•    Message poems that other people have written – we will look at some examples for inspiration.
•    How poems can be illustrated; children might draw the person who’s speaking in the poem or the person or thing the poem is to.

In addition to the experience of working with a professional poet and artist, and creating and displaying their work, children will be given a special National Poetry Day ‘Say it with a Poem’ badge and stickers and postcards to take back to their school.