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on Saturday, 30 July 2016. Posted in Events

Bill Goldsmith - Artist

Did you know there is a retrospective exhibition by Bill Goldsmith at Trowbridge Town Hall?

If you have not heard of him you may be interested to know that Bill who studied at the Royal Academy in the 1950’s, exhibited widely in the 50’s and 60’s, even with Duncan Grant and Barbara Hepworth, and his work sits in private collections from London to New York.
On the other hand, maybe you knew Bill who lectured part time at many institutions including Swindon College of Art, albeit some time ago.

At present there isn’t a great deal of available information because both Bill and his wife suffered from ill health after moving to Trowbridge in the late 1980’s, and  concentrated their time on making work, rather than dealing with marketing.  Sadly, Bill died six years ago after coping with illness for many years. Artist Ann Goldsmith, was encouraged to exhibit his work at the Town Hall recently and who knows where it might go from there?

If you are not an art critic but enjoy looking at art you may need to hone your skills in ‘looking’ as Bills work has a depth and scale which invites us to respond imaginatively.

I’ve found that many folks with no time for ‘art’ at all simply wish to see a representation of something that can be understood at a glance – a well-articulated landscape for instance, something they can recognise, some-thing that sits nicely in the sitting room. But his visual art is much more than that, it embodies life. This reflects what he sees and feels, and how he does that differently from other people. Making visual art is about taking an idea, developing the design of the work, the construction and undergoing emotional upheaval to produce something tangible. I mention this because I believe appreciating visual art can be so much more fulfilling when you know about the person who made it. Bill’s work developed during the eighteen years he lived in Trowbridge and I feel that this is where he produced some of his strongest and fascinating works which included woodcuts, tools, bone and texts’.

We are fortunate to have a glimpse of this work, spanning five decades in our local Town Hall artspace where, for free admission, it can be viewed peacefully before it may well be elevated to some lofty establishment in the city.

Do have a look. ‘Behind the Light’ is on until the 23rd July at Trowbridge Arts and then travels to the Young Gallery in Salisbury in August.

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