March 18, 2015 @ 5:00 PM

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Trowbridge Town Hall
Market Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8EQ
Price: £5 (£3 Concs)
Company: Innovate Performing Arts (IPA)

Night falls on 19th Century Trowbridge, the evening is clear, crisp and silent. A gunshot slices through the still air, and a shapeless shadow abandons the scene; swallowed by the darkness.

Maybe this time it wasn't the butler.

Maybe it's not what convention suggests...

Innovate Performing Arts present a tale of mystery and suspense, revealing the conspiracy behind the wrongly convicted. Based on aspects of true stories from Trowbridge's past, IPA strives to devise an eerie and audience-reliant plot that could veer in any direction in their new fusion of dance and drama: Injustice.

This production is a promenading performance and will involve climbing stairs.

Innovate Performing Arts are students at Clarendon Academy, Trowbridge and tickets are by invitiation only.

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If you have not got an invite but would like to attend the show please contact us.

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