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Turning a story from the past into a play for the present at Trowbridge Town Hall

Rosa 'May' Billinghurst (photo courtesy of the London Museum)

This month's guest blog is written by Lizzie Crarer:

2017 has had a bit of a rocky start. The events in America over the past few weeks are a challenge to the liberal values that many of us have hitherto taken for granted, raising questions about political resistance, and what this looks like in today’s world.

In this context, I have been lucky enough to spend the past 2 weeks at Trowbridge Town Hall with a group of 5 other theatre artists, exploring a story of politics, protest – and, ultimately, hope.

Rosa ‘May’ Billinghurst was a young woman at the turn of the 20th Century who grew up in London, conscious of the massive social injustice that was the legacy of the industrial revolution. Increasingly frustrated at her inability to create political change, and with a government that evaded the issue of the women’s vote, she turned to the suffragette movement. She rose quickly through the ranks of the Women’s Social and Political Union, becoming a key member of the organization. She engaged in direct action, she spoke at rallies alongside WSPU leader Emmeline Pankhurst, and she endured prison sentences and the horror of force-feeding. She was funny, ascerbic and passionate, with a loving and unusually liberal family. She was also wheelchair-user.

Dialogue Exhibtion Anne Goldmith and Bill Goldsmith

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Young Gallery Art Exhibition

Dialogue Exhibtion Anne Goldmith and Bill Goldsmith

Dialogue is a new exhibition opening at the Young Gallery in Salisbury on Saturday 12 November. It is an investigation into the conversation that exists between artists’ output when they work in close proximity.

This exhibition came about after the successful retrospective of Bill Goldsmith’s work by Trowbridge Arts at Trowbridge Town Hall earlier this year. Behind the Light showcased work from all periods of Bill’s artistic career, and led to Peter Riley, Curator at the Young Gallery, being keen to explore the artists’ work in relationship to each other.

Town Hall Arts curator Fiona Cassidy talks to artist David Chandler

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Arts in Trowbridge

Trowbridge Arts curator Fiona Cassidy talks to artist David Chandler. In this piece aired on Frome FM, Fiona talks about the past, present and future of Town Hall Arts. As Fiona takes David for a tour of the building she talks of the historical side of the building such as the old court rooms and the cells but also how Trowbridge Arts have made these spaces work to host exhibitions, theatre and live music events.

You can listen to the interview here.

Say It With A Poem at Trowbridge Town Hall

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National Poetry Day

Say It With A Poem at Trowbridge Town Hall

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day (Thursday, 6 October 2016) is ‘messages’. At Trowbridge Town Hall, poet Josephine Corcoran and a local professional artist will lead a two hour creative workshop which will encourage children to write and illustrate their own message poems which will go on public display at a special exhibition.

Cloth Road Arts Week 2016 Review

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Local Artists Show Artwork at Trowbridge Town Hall

Susan Cook

Spread over the whole of Wiltshire, The Cloth Road is an annual art trail linking the areas of West Wiltshire that were once cloth making communities. Now in it's seventh year, the trail exhibits and celebrates the work of local artists. The last Cloth Road event began on the 8th of May 2016, and for nine days it transformed visiting the Trowbridge Town Hall into an Aladdin's cave style adventure.

Behind the Artist

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Bill Goldsmith - Artist

Behind the Artist

Did you know there is a retrospective exhibition by Bill Goldsmith at Trowbridge Town Hall?

If you have not heard of him you may be interested to know that Bill who studied at the Royal Academy in the 1950’s, exhibited widely in the 50’s and 60’s, even with Duncan Grant and Barbara Hepworth, and his work sits in private collections from London to New York.
On the other hand, maybe you knew Bill who lectured part time at many institutions including Swindon College of Art, albeit some time ago.

Live Music at Trowbridge Town Hall with Alice Mcneil

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Young Bands Play in Trowbridge Town Hall

Live Music at Trowbridge Town Hall with Alice Mcneil

Alice McNeil Presents is a semi regular youth music night hosted at the Trowbridge Town Hall, the most recent of which happened on Friday the 20th of May. The neon Where Is Your Humanity? sign from an earlier event cast a soft red glow over the proceedings, and combined with rows of fairy lights and the last of the light reflected through the town halls windows created an atmosphere similar to that of a jazz club.

Free projects Celebrating the return of the Iron Duke

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Bristol-based performance Poet Hannah Teasdale will lead a project on 8 May

Free projects Celebrating the return of the Iron Duke

Local people are being given the chance to take part in an exciting programme of free activities to help celebrate the return of the Iron Duke, a piece of industrial equipment from the former Avon Rubber factory, to Bradford on Avon.

Bristol-based performance poet Hannah Teasdale will lead one of the projects with young people. Come along to the May 8th event to hear some of her work and find out about this, and the other projects.

Two Nations Bond over Drawing Quilt

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Communities in Sala, Sweden and Trowbridge UK create a joint Artwork

Two Nations Bond over Drawing Quilt

The original idea for The Drawing Quilts came following a visit to The American Museum in Bath, UK, by collaborative duo Quilos and the Windmill, comprising Linda Khatir and Michele Whiting. They visited the museum in preparation for a group show with Studio xyz. There they saw a particular vintage folk quilt made by early pioneer women who had left Britain and Scandinavia to begin new lives in America during the 19th Century. This quilt (shown below) became their starting point and inspiration.

At the same juncture, the artists were taking part in the Fall residency at Ox-bow (affiliated to SAIC) Michigan 2011, where they decided to create their own quilt through drawing, using brown paper, masking tape and red paint to make 121 monoprints – a significant number because it was the number of squares in the original quilt. Using ordinary materials to express ordinary things encountered during their residency reflects the methods employed by early settler women, who looked at the places and things around them, and translated this into small drawings which they then stitched.  

Quilos and The Windmill (Linda and Michele) sketched 121 things including squirrels, jumping frogs, chairs, and fire pits among other images. Having made them into simply-drawn mono-prints, and they then took 121 photographs of the finished quilt - in the forest, pine cabins, by the lake and so on.

When their residency ended they took the quilt to England and exhibited it in the American Museum, the home of its original counterpart, as part of an exhibition ‘Migrations’ by Studio xyz. The 121 photographs were also shown as part of the exhibition 'Quilos and the Windmill - counterpaine'.

Trowbridge Arts Youth Company Review

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The Boy Who Loved Apples

Trowbridge Arts Youth Company Review

In an age where World War One has passed from living memory to a distant event, there have been so many movies, books and plays written about these times that sometimes it is easy to forget that the events happened to real people with real lives. By setting the play in Trowbridge however, and showing all aspects of the war, The Boy Who Loved Apples was an educational, but also dramatic and moving play.

The Boy Who Loved Apples is the tragic story of Richard Knight, who enlists under age to fight in World War One. As we follow him in his short time in the trenches, we also see the war from the point of view of the boy's family, as well as the friends he leaves behind. In order to devise the script, the company visited the Wiltshire and Swindon history centre as well as Trowbridge museum. Lots of the dialogue throughout the play is taken from actual surviving records, and the characters are based on real people.    

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